Cinnamon / Chocolate Braids


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Yeap's Bakery - Cinnamon / Chocolate Braids

  • $17.00

Homemade French Brioche bread—soft and fluffy, with a sweet buttery mouthfeel. Enriched with Danish butter, farm eggs, & fresh whole milk, this bread has a tender moist crumb, and a gorgeous, dark golden crust. Our cinnamon-base is made with Danish butter creamed with dark muscovado sugar & finely-ground cinnamon powder. Our chocolate-base is a rich mixture of a very famous hazelnut chocolate spread ;) and dark Belgium-made couverture chocolate pieces.

Choose from 2 flavours:

  • Cinnamon Braided Bread
  • Chocolate Braided Bread

Sold in packs of 4.


  • For delivery on Monday, order by Saturday 4pm
  • For delivery on Wednesday, order by Monday 4pm
  • For delivery on Friday, order by Wednesday 4pm
  • Delivery charge of $5 applies at check out for orders below $45
  • For the month of September, Yeap's Bakery can only fulfill Monday orders due to mooncake orders from their end!


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When the café that Josiah was working at asked that he bake something, we did not expect it to become the start of this new venture that is Yeap’s Bakery. Many things that come easily for most of us don’t come as easily for Josiah—and that is why we keep our pastries simple, yet delicious. Each one of our bakes is handcrafted endearingly by Josiah and family, with quality ingredients that will leave your heart wanting more!