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Easy Coffee Brew Box


Fancy a cup of robust coffee in the morning, while a cup with lighter notes other times?

In this ultimate Easy Brew Box, enjoy the best of both worlds with Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules and our new varieties of coffee brew bags*!

*New varieties include Java Wanayasa, Java Malabar, NaOr Village, Yunnan Aqi Badu, Pong's Washed.


Comes with:

  • 5 biodegradable brew bags (assorted flavours)
  • 1 pack of 8 compostable Yunnan Ou Yang Capsules
  • 1 pack of 8 compostable Java Malabar Capsules

Eco-Friendly Options

Reduced Packaging
As part of our reduced packaging initiative, you can request for reduced packaging by indicating “I don’t need the box”. This includes all gift bundles which usually call for more packaging than required at times.

Reused Packaging
As part of our reused packaging initiative, we collect used, clean outer packaging which were once part of our products. 

You can request for used packaging by indicating “I want to reuse a box".

Please note that you will not receive the same box that you dropped off at our cafe outlet.

5% for Community

Starting from January 2021, Foreword is pledging 5% of our sales revenue derived from our latest version of coffee brew bags (i.e. Java Malabar, Java Wanayasa, Pong's Washed, Laos NaOr, and Yunnan Aqi Badu) to community development projects in coffee growing regions in Asia.

Find out more about the 5% for Community Initiative under our FAQ page.