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Coffee Brew Bags - Pack of 5


If you're thinking of getting a gift for a coffee lover, you can't go wrong with these fun and fuss-free coffee brew bags!

Enjoy this compact pack that contains 5 of our latest single origin coffee brew bags without having to commit to a large pack.

    Foreword Postcard

    Our hand-drawn Foreword postcard is available as an add-on. Leave a message in the comment box during checkout if you would like us to write a note for your recipient.


    Comes with:

    • 5 biodegradable brew bags (assorted varieties)


    NaOr Village
    Be in for a treat as NaOr Village brings out nuances of green apple, brown sugar and milk chocolate. This coffee is a collaboration with our partner Yuni Coffee Co. which works alongside with coffee farmers in the Xamtai district of Houaphan province. Produced by 40 families from 1 village, these farmers are paid cash directly for riped coffee cherries they sorted out. 

    Java Malabar
    A good coffee for the everyday brew, Java Malabar brings out flavours of lemon, caramel and dark chocolate. This coffee is a collaboration with the Yoga Nugraha Mill located outside the city of Bandung in West Java. It is processed using the wet hull method popular amongst many Indonesian coffee producers.

    Java Wanayasa
    We love the sweetness and lingering aftertaste this coffee gives. This washed-processed coffee is grown in Balun Village, Wanayasa District, in a region known for favourable climate and height for growth of arabica coffees. To attain quality coffee beans, farmers pay close attention to the post harvest process.

    Pong’s Washed
    Refreshing on the tongue, this coffee tastes of blackcurrant, macadamia and honey! We work with an independent producer, Pong, from Chiangmai for this coffee. Pong’s coffees won accolades in green coffee competitions, gaining him credibility as a coffee producer.

    Yunnan Aqi Badu
    The A78D lot is cultivated from a farm called Banka in the Menglian region of Yunnan. This coffee is a new bright coffee in our line up, with inviting flavours of nougat, berries and butterscotch.

    Shelf Life & Storage

    Coffees are packed in biodegradable sachets which are nitrogen-flushed to retain its freshness and flavours. Each brew bag is manufactured on 26/27 Nov 2020 and is best consumed before 26/27 Nov 2022.

    5% for Community

    Starting from January 2021, Foreword is pledging 5% of our sales revenue derived from our latest version of coffee brew bags (i.e. Java Malabar, Java Wanayasa, Pong's Washed, Laos NaOr, and Yunnan Aqi Badu) to community development projects in coffee growing regions in Asia.

    Find out more about the 5% for Community Initiative under our FAQ page.

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