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Hario Buono Kettle 1.2 L - Matte Black

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Brew your pourover and plunger coffees with a gooseneck kettle designed for brewing with precision and control. The gooseneck feature is designed to slow down the pouring process, in turn giving you more control to achieve an even extraction of coffee. This kettle is ideal and convenient for use on many cooking surfaces including induction. Not to mention we can't take our eyes off the elegant matte black aesthetics of the kettle, a well-rounded piece of kitchen gadget! ;)


Matte Black | 800ml (practical capacity) | 1200ml (full capacity)

Model no: VKB-120-MB
Size (w,d,h): 292×144×147mm
Compatible with Induction, Gas, Electric, Radiant, Halogen, Sheathed (Except microwave and oven)


Body, Lid: Stainless steel
Handle, Knob of lid: Phenol resin

Made in Japan

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