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Handcrafted Bottled Latte

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Stay home, stay safe and drink some coffee! Enjoy a selection of drinks you typically get from our cafes, this time in the comfort of your home.

Want to shower some love to your loved ones and give them a surprise? Send a postcard along with this drink bundle to your loved ones who live away from you during this circuit breaker. We'll write the message on your behalf and... no worries, we'll still pass on the message even if you do not purchase the postcard because we love to spread the love around. <3

How to place your order:

  1. Decide on the delivery date
  2. Click into the respective links according to delivery date
  3. Make your order! 

Not sure what's good? Drop us a DM for some recommendations!

Order links according to delivery dates:

  1. Monday, 1 June (closed)
  2. Tuesday, 2 June (closed)
  3. Wednesday, 3 June (closed)
  4. Thursday, 4 June (closed)
  5. Friday, 5 June (closed)

Please refer to the menu below for drinks available.

Reuse Glass Bottles

  • All drinks are freshly made on the day of delivery and can be kept for up to 3 days in the chiller.
  • Enquiry on this item is not considered an order.
  • Orders will reopen on Friday, 5 June.
  • Returning customers may return and reuse your glass bottles. Refer to the pictures in the gallery to find out how this works!