Karen's Kitchen Belachan Chilli


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Karen's Kitchen Belachan Chilli

  • $10.80

When you need a punch that hits harder than Kimchi, you'll find yourself licking up the scraps of Karen’s secret-recipe Belacan Chilli jar. It's spicy, garlicky and it tastes exactly how a Singaporean dinner should taste — Special. Karen makes these per request, so every jar is as fresh as it gets.

"Social Enterprise Gifts" is Foreword's initiative to support fellow social enterprises by providing them a channel for publicity and sales through listing on our online shop. Social enterprises are business with social mission to create social good for our society. Karen’s Kitchen was created purely out of a love for healthy, Special meals, with a very Special family. As Chief Special, Karen has cooked up a medley of Kimchi and chilli flavours – with the help of her very Special son who happens to be on the spectrum, otherwise known as Jr. Special. Today, apart from fixing up special dinners together with Jr. Special, Karen is also playing around with other types of fermented products and working on expanding her range of Special condiments.