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The Cupping Box (16 August 10am - 11am)

  • $35.00

Join us in our fourth edition of The Cupping Box, a virtual cupping session. To give you the freshest experience, all coffees are ground and sealed on the day of roast! :) This cupping session will take place on 16th August, Sunday 10am - 11am.

Theme: A Taste of Naturals

What's in the box:

  • 4x servings of freshly roasted coffee ground for cupping
  • 4x servings of freshly roasted coffee ground for filter
  • 4x empty drip bags to make filter coffee
  • 4x coffee rating cards
  • 1x collateral on cupping attributes
  • A Zoom link for your virtual cupping session (will be sent on Friday evening)
  • Cupping bowl and spoon are not included!*

What you need from home:

  • Hot water
  • 4x cupping bowls / cups of approx. 200ml in volume
  • 2x spoons of similar size


  • Self-introduction
  • What's in your box
  • Cupping form and cupping protocol
  • Discussion and Q&A

This sessions's coffees:

  • Yunnan Ou Yang Natural
  • Yunnan Aqi Badu Natural
  • Laos Xamtai Natural
  • Java Merbabu Natural

How does it work?

  • Place your order by 12 August, 4pm.
  • Be sure to provide your email correctly for us to send you the Zoom link!
  • The coffees are roasted on Thursday, freshly ground and sealed in small sachets. 
  • We will deliver these boxes through our Delivery Partners to reach you by Friday 5pm.
  • Open the box and get ready to join us for a virtual cupping session on Sunday 10am!

The Zoom session will be password protected and because this is a paid experience, we hope for customers to not share the link with your friends who did not sign up for this. The session will be recorded for internal learning and future publicity purposes. Participants are free to disable their camera and microphone function. 

For any other questions, feel free to drop us a DM