Mobile Coffee Cart for Events

Mobile Barista Cart

Create a warm reception with piping hot coffees, brewed and served fresh on the spot for your guests. 

From corporate functions to wedding receptions, our mobile coffee cart will be a great addition to keep your guests refreshed and energised for the day. Customised stickers are also available as add-on options to paper serving cups to commemorate your special event.

How it Works


1. Make an enquiry

Reach out to us and let us know of your needs:

  • Time & venue
  • Preferred drink menu
  • Number of cups needed
  • Customisation options (refer to catalogue for details)

2. Arrival & set-up

Upon confirmation, our coffee cart will arrive at your event. The coffee cart includes:

  • Coffee grinder
  • Espresso Machine
  • Coffee beans, milk & alternative dairy
  • Paper cups, stirrers, serviettes and condiments
  • Our friendly baristas!

3. We get brewing

Our friendly baristas brew and serve fresh coffee for you and your guests. We offer a selection of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages to cater to your guests. These include:

  • Black/White Coffee
  • Mocha
  • Chocolate
  • Matcha
  • Premium Tea Assortments from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (Exact flavours subject to availability)
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Handcrafted Bottled Drinks

Chilled refreshments are available as a complement to the hot drinks served from the mobile coffee cart or as a standalone option. They can also be packaged as a tasteful, yet practical gift option for your guests to take home. Additionally, customisable stickers are available to commemorate your special occasion.

From caffeinated to non-caffeinated beverages, there is something for everyone. Check out the catalogue for the full menu.

Bulk discounts are also available with a minimum order.

Corporate CatalogueWedding Catalogue

Black Coffee

Double shot espresso + Water


White Coffee

Double shot espresso + Milk


Eternal Garden Cold Brew Tea

A delicate tea created by mixing pure Ceylon tea leaves with natural rose petals.



The sweet-tooth's favourite or great as a comfort drink!


Hojicha Latte

Enjoy the comforting blend of roasted green tea with a velvety smooth milk finish.


Matcha Latte

Savour the bitter-sweetness of this exquisite drink.


Sustainability in Your Event

Foreword is a social enterprise built on care and concern for people, coffee, and the environment. We have in place a number of sustainable initiatives as part of our efforts to create a socially conscious and environmentally positive impact.

To minimise the impact of disposable waste, we replaced plastic stirrers with lid-free BioPak cups to serve our coffee in. We accommodate vegan preferences as well, with plant-based milk options available as dairy substitutes in our coffee. 

Join us in leaving an impact on not only your guests, but also towards a sustainable future.

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Making it Happen

Our mobile coffee cart is suitable for use at events of various scale. The workspace needed includes:

  • An accessible workspace that is minimally 1.5m by 1.5m to accommodate baristas and coffee cart.
  • 2 Standard 13A Power Sockets to power our coffee grinder and espresso machine.
  • An accessible basin for washing up.
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