We are proud to be a user of the Stronghold Smart Coffee Roaster system. The S8X coffee roaster allows for 1.5kg to 4.5kg of coffee beans to be roasted per batch. 

New to roasting?

Enquire for a 1.5 hour private session to learn more about the basics of coffee roasting to get you started. Prices start from $180/pax and we welcome a maximum of 4 pax per session. 

What's included:
- Understanding roast profiles
- Functional roasting knowledge
- Learning to use the Stronghold S8X
- Roast your own coffee (1.5kg)

Already a roaster?

You are welcome to rent our roaster for $25/30min which is sufficient to roast up to 2 batches of coffee (up to 4.5kg per batch). Roasters who are new to the S8X are required to go through a 30min orientation which is chargeable at $50/pax.

Drop us an email at firststory@forewordcoffee.com to find out more!