Coffee Wedding Favours

Unique Wedding Favours

Looking for unique wedding favours that leave a lasting impression?

Create a déjà-brew experience to your wedding day with these colourful assortment of coffee brew bags. They coffee beans sourced from coffee farms in Asia, including China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Alternatively, have your guests leave with a sweet aftertaste from your special event with Chunky Cookies that are baked in-house with care.

Some options of customisation projects include but not limited to personalised bellybands, twine with kraft notes, satin ribbons and more.

Enjoy bulk discounts and free delivery on your purchase with a minimum order. We accept payment via credit card, GrabPay or bank transfer. You may also pay in instalments via Pace.

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Coffee & Tea Wedding Favours

Coffee brew bags are available in a variety of 5 aromatic blends made from specialty-grade beans sourced directly from farms in Asia and roasted locally in Singapore. An assortment of tea are also available on request.

Ou Yang Natural

Enjoy this award-winning coffee with its bright notes of cherries and dark chocolate.

Diversity Blend

A three-region blend from China, Laos and Indonesia, this blend represents Foreword's strength in diversity.

Xamtai Natural

Here's to a unique cuppa with prominent strawberry notes & a tea-like finish.

Mooleh Manay Honey

Expect the juiciness of dried raisins and lemon to shine with this single-origin Indian coffee.

Pangalengan Washed

With tasting notes of date and fig, enjoy a smooth acidity when you brew a cuppa.

Premium Tea Assortment

 The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. is a heritage brand focused on providing quality tea products. Exact flavours are subject to availability.

Chunky Cookies

Each pack of Chunky Cookies consists of two cookies – one Classic Chocolate Chip Walnut and one Double Chocolate Chip Macadamia. Chocolatey and nutty, they are freshly baked in-house and have a shelf life of three months. Customised packaging options are also available. 

Did you know? Chunky Cookies started out as an initiative to experiment with bakes and to engage our cafe staff during the difficult Covid-19 period in 2021!

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