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Benns Ethicoa Single Origin Chocolate Bar - Panchor


Panchor, Malaysia | 64% Dark Chocolate
100% Natural | Vegan | Gluten Free | Halal Certified

Tasting Notes: Honey and malt
Ingredients: Cacao nibs, Cocoa butter, Unrefined cane sugar 
Bean Type: Trinitario 
Weight: 32g


Benns Ethioca is all about quality and fairness. As firm believers that everyone should be treated fairly, Benns Ethioca is dedicated to supporting farmers in Asia that cultivate high quality cacao. Since 1973, they work with farmers in various origins including Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and more. We are happy to partner with Benn Ethioca to advocate for healthy, sustainable and directly-sourced chocolate! 

Shelf Life and Storage

Store the chocolates in a cool and dry place (17-22 degree celsius) and avoid direct sunlight. Examples include pantry cupboards and desk drawers.

It is not necessary to store chocolate in the fridge. Doing so may not spoil the chocolate but it may cause blooming (reflected by the whitish-grey stuff on chocolate) which may affect the quality and texture of the product.