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Coffee Capsules Sampler Pack


Looking to try our 2 varieties of single origin Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules?

Now you can with our coffee capsule sampler pack!

Enjoy this sampler pack that contains Yunnan Ou Yang and Java Malabar coffee capsules without having to commit to a large pack.


Comes with:

  • 4 Nespresso-compatible Java Malabar capsules
  • 4 Nespresso-compatible Yunnan Ou Yang capsules

Tasting Notes

Java Malabar: Lemon, Caramel, Dark chocolate

Yunnan Ou Yang: Cherries, Dark chocolate, Molasses 

Roast Profiles

Java Malabar: Dark Roast

Roaster's note: This coffee has to be roasted dark for it to be well-developed. Anything less than a dark roast may give it hay and grassy flavours to the coffee. The total roast time for this coffee is usually around 13 minutes. If you are making the switch from our local kopi to Western coffee, this may be a good entry level coffee for you!

Yunnan Ou Yang: Medium Light Roast

Roaster's note: This coffee won Silver Medal in the Espresso (single-origin) category of the Australian International Coffee Awards 2020. We are certainly surprised and happy that an Asian coffee could be recognized on an international platform. This is our sweetest tasting coffee among what we have. Not for the faint-hearted as coffee drinkers who are not used to acidity in your coffee may describe this as “sour”.


Java Malabar
The vast majority of Indonesian coffee farmers are small holders with less than 1 Ha of land. In order to help bring the products of small holders in the Malabar region to market we chose a partner mill to collect parchment for us. This coffee is a collaboration with the Yoga Nugraha Mill located outside the city of Bandung in West Java. Yoga, the owner, collects small holders’ parchment just before hulling in the wet hull method popular amongst many Indonesian coffee producers. After hulling at 30% moisture they are sorted by hand. The green beans are set out to dry to 12% moisture and then sent for a second round of hand sorting before being bagged in LDPE bags inside the standard jute sacks.

Yunnan Ou Yang
We are stoked that this coffee was awarded Silver Medal in the Australian International Coffee Awards 2020. Ou Yang coffee originates from Chilliarch Coffee Estate, where we paid a visit in December 2019. One of the owners of the coffee company is Mr. Ou Yang, who gracefully shared his business and life philosophy with us. Mr. Ou Yang takes care of his people like his family and in turn, his people takes care of the coffee well which results in the high quality that we receive year after year.

Shelf Life & Storage

Our Yunnan Ou Yang and Java Malabar capsules are best consumed by 7 and 12 Apr 2022 respectively. Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not put in the fridge.