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Daya Sindoro


Roast date: 15 August 2022

Tasting notes: Lemon, Chocolate, Walnut

Processing method: Wet Hulled

Varietal: Sigarar Utang

Elevation: 1200-1800 masl 


Daya Sindoro is grown in a known volcanic mountain in the region of Central Java, Indonesia. Wet cherries are collected, rinsed and pulped and fermented for 12-18 hours. After fermentation, the parchment is dried to about 30% moisture before being hulled in a huller specially designed for wet parchment. 

Our coffee partner, Bright Java, aims to continually improve the quality of coffee produced in this area by working with smallholder farmers who are led by a team of co-op leaders. Together with more consistent training in proper processing methods and care of the coffee farms, these coffee producers hope to set themselves on a path that can support themselves sustainably. 

Roast Profile

Dark Roast

Shelf Life & Storage

Best consumed within 60 days from roast date. Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not put in the fridge.

Return & Reuse Initiative

On your first order, a personalised coffee bag will be delivered to you. Subsequently, you may choose to return and reuse the coffee bag by dropping it off at any of our outlets or delivering it to our office by postage.

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Terms & Conditions:
- Only applicable for 250g black coffee bags. 
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