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Greenday Crispy Broccoli Snacks


Broccoli lovers, this snack is just for you! Savour the original taste of broccoli in a light and crispy version.

The process of vacuum-cooking these snacks uses less oil than regular deep-frying methods. This approach ensures the product retains its natural flavour & almost all of the nutrition, so that you can enjoy a crispy piece of vegetable at anytime!

100% plant-based | Vegan friendly | Halal | Trans fat and gluten free

Net weight: 20g


Greenday products are made with 100% real fruits and vegetables from local farms in Thailand. By driving communal farming programmes and helping to educate their local farmers and suppliers in farming techniques, Greenday aims to achieve a more sustainable ecosystem.

Storage and Shelf Life

Shelf life: Best consumed by 20/8/2022

Ingredients: Broccoli 97%, Rice Bran Oil 2%, Salt 1%

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