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Greenday Crispy Okra Snacks


Also known as "Lady's Finger", Okra is a vegetable that has many health benefits. Greenday Okra has an irresistible crunch, that even people who normally dislike Okra end up loving this snack! The secret? All the mucilage is removed leaving the okra light and crispy.

The process of vacuum-cooking these snacks uses less oil than regular deep-frying methods. This approach ensures the product retains its natural flavour & almost all of the nutrition, so that you can enjoy a crispy piece of vegetable at anytime!

100% plant-based | Vegan friendly | Halal | Trans fat and gluten free

Net weight: 25g


Greenday products are made with 100% real fruits and vegetables from local farms in Thailand. By driving communal farming programmes and helping to educate their local farmers and suppliers in farming techniques, Greenday aims to achieve a more sustainable ecosystem.

Storage and Shelf Life

Shelf life: Best consumed by 11/6/2022

Ingredients: Okra 98%, Rice Bran Oil 2%

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