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Greenday Freeze-Dried Thai Honey Mango Snacks


The Thai Honey Mango is famous for its rich honey-like flavour. These snacks are made with 100% real mango (with no added sugar), retaining most of its nutrition and natural flavour.

Greenday's premium range of freeze-dried fruits uses the highest quality signature produce from various provinces in Thailand. These products are often released in limited edition runs because they are either seasonal or exotic. 

Great as a snack on its own. Or add to granola, cereal, yoghurt, cakes and any dessert for a crunchy bite.

100% plant-based | Vegan friendly | Halal | Trans fat and gluten free

Net weight: 16g


Greenday products are made with 100% real fruits and vegetables from local farms in Thailand. By driving communal farming programmes and helping to educate their local farmers and suppliers in farming techniques, Greenday aims to achieve a more sustainable ecosystem.

Storage and Shelf Life

Shelf life: Best consumed by 27/5/2022

Ingredients: Mango 100%

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