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OraSi Pro Oat Milk - Barista edition


OraSi Oat for Professional uses 11% Italian oat and has a soft, subtly sweet taste. Formulated to make latte art and to create the perfect Vegan Latte, this oat milk is suited for baristas looking for non-dairy alternatives.

The Oat Milk's foaming and emulsifying abilities originate from faba bean proteins which is perfect for creating a smooth foam with micro bubbles. Due to its high functionality and neutral taste, the use of bean proteins is growing in popularity. OraSi Oat Milk also boasts of good amino acid score and high digestibility of purified proteins. With no added sugars, it is a great source of plant fibre.

Even if you are no barista, add a splash of the OraSi oat milk to your daily coffee or tea for a creamier beverage! Suitable or both hot and cold drinks.


Ingredients: Water, Oat (11%), High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Faba Bean Protein, Acidity Regulators (Dipotassium Phosphate, Monopotassium Phosphate), Stabilizer (Gellan Gum), Sea Salt

Vegan friendly | Halal | No added sugars

Made in Italy.

Shelf Life & Storage

Store in a cool dry place.
To be consumed within 5 days after opening and keep refrigerated.