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Fruity Fiesta Snack Box


On the hunt for a snack box to curb your tangy-sweet cravings?

You're in for a treat with the Fruity Fiesta Snack Box!

Munch on some freeze-dried Strawberry and Mango chips as you take a sip from a selection of coffee and tea with fruity tasting notes!

All Greenday snacks are naturally sweet and do not contain artificial sugars.

Sustainability Stories

Greenday products are made with 100% real fruits and vegetables from local farms in Thailand. By driving communal farming programmes and helping to educate their local farmers and suppliers in farming techniques, Greenday aims to achieve a more sustainable ecosystem.


 Comes with:

  • 3 Biodegradable Brew Bags (Assorted)
  • 2 Clipper Tea (Assorted)
  • 1 Greenday Crispy Strawberry Snack (Freeze-dried)
  • 1 Greenday Crispy Mango Snack (Freeze-dried)

Vegan Milk

Add a bottle of vegan milk to go with your snack box.

Choose from the following options as an add-on:

  • Oatside Oat Milk - Barista Edition

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