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Build Valued Connections

As a medium that connects people and fosters relationships, coffee is more than just a beverage.

From fuelling participants at corporate events to building closer relationships with your team and gifting meaningful  sets, let us take care of your coffee-related needs.

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Corporate Events: Mobile Barista Carts

Offer a perk-me-up at your event with freshly brewed coffee. From coffee beans that are freshly roasted in-house to our team of friendly baristas, we are equipped to provide coffee for events of all scales, according to your needs.

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Team Building Activities: Coffee Workshops

Looking for a meaningful team bonding activity? Discover your preferences in coffee varieties through the Cupping Workshop or learn what it takes to pour a beautiful latte art in the Espresso & Latte Art Workshop.

Virtual and in-person workshops available!

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Meaningful Gifting

From thoughtful hampers consisting of environmentally-friendly products to fresh bakes and customizable cups made from repurposed waste, check out a list of curated gift bundles.

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Pantry Supplies

Available in the form of coffee beans, Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules and coffee brew bags, keep your office pantry well stocked with ethically sourced coffee! We source our coffees directly from small-holder coffee farmers in Asia and roast them locally. 

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Coffee With a Social Cause

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. As a B-corp certified business in Singapore, we are committed to environmental and social impact that spans from supply chain to green nudges and inclusive employment practises.

With an emphasis on traceability and transparency in the coffee supply chain, we source green coffee beans from coffee partners who are accountable and transparent in their business practices in neighbouring countries such as China and Indonesia. By importing green coffee beans closer to home, it reduces carbon footprint without compromising the quality of coffee served. 

Besides coffee, also intentionality in choosing compostable materials for coffee cups and utensils. By using renewable resources such as PLA and PHA, and FSC-certified paper for all single-use cups and utensils respectively, we are able to care for the environment through various means. 

We are also committed to providing an inclusive work environment for persons with disabilities, special needs and mental health conditions across eight locations in Singapore. Together with five other organisations,  we were awarded with the Enabling Mark (Platinum) award in 2021, a national-level accreditation framework by SG Enable that benchmarks and recognises organisations for their best practices and outcomes in disability-inclusive employment. 

In working with us for your corporate needs, your organisation also plays a part in supporting, co-creating and amplifying our existing social and environmental impact. 

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Past Clients and Projects

Past Clients and Projects

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