Impact Report 2021

2021 was a tough year but we made it through.

Here's our Impact Report 2021 which documents our journey last year and holds the hopes for a brighter future in the years beyond.

Impact Report 2021Impact Report 2020

5% for Community

Starting from January 2021, Foreword is pledging 5% of our sales revenue derived from our coffee brew bags to community development projects in coffee growing regions in Asia. This is our way of creating a circular value chain in support of a more equitable value chain.

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Return & Reuse Initiative

We believe in reducing the use of disposables, and that’s why we launched the Return & Reuse Initiative.

Choosing Packaging Consciously

We practice responsible consumption by using eco-friendly materials for packaging!

From biodegradable brew bag sachets to compostable coffee bags we aim to adopt sustainable consumption through packaging.

Our coffee bags are made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) and are recyclable in recycling bins.

Bring Your Own Cup

We encourage the Bring Your Own (BYO) movement by providing incentives for customers. All of our single-use cups and utensils are made from renewable resources (e.g. PLA and PHA) and FSC-certified paper.

In moving towards reduced packaging, straws and lids are also given only upon request at our cafes!

Caring for the environment is but one of the three pillars of sustainability we practice.

The Enabling Mark (Platinum)

Foreword is one of six recipients of the Enabling Mark (Platinum) award in the inaugural Enabling Mark Awards 2021, organised by SG Enable.

The Enabling Mark is a national-level accreditation framework by SG Enable that benchmarks and recognises organisations for their best practices and outcomes in disability-inclusive employment.

This award affirms our efforts in creating an inclusive work environment with our employees with disabilities and the importance of inclusivity as part of our culture.

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