Return & Reuse Initiative

We believe in reducing the use of disposables, and that’s why we launched the Return & Reuse Initiative.

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Choosing Packaging Consciously

We practice responsible consumption by using eco-friendly materials for packaging!

From biodegradable brew bag sachets to compostable coffee bags we aim to adopt sustainable consumption through packaging.

Bring Your Own Cup

We encourage the Bring Your Own (BYO) movement by providing incentives for customers. All of our single-use cups and utensils are made from renewable resources (e.g. PLA and PHA) and FSC-certified paper.

In moving towards reduced packaging, straws and lids are also given only upon request at our cafes!

Caring for the environment is but one of the three pillars of sustainability we practice.


Say goodbye to single-use cups with us! With CupCycle, reduce your environmental footprint by swapping your used HuskeeCup for a new one for the next beverage. Here's to using reusable cups on the go, fuss-free!

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