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Our Story

Foreword recognizes the potential of persons with disabilities and special needs and provides inclusive training and employment opportunities in the food services industry. Foreword started in 2017 as a hole-in-a-wall cafe in the National University of Singapore (NUS) and has since grown to a company offering a range of products and services while growing the number of café outlets serving specialty coffee in Singapore. We are a social enterprise member of raiSE (Singapore Centre for Social Enterprises) and we strive to amplify our impact through the initiatives and projects that we do.

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Our Journey

Foreword Coffee Roasters sources specialty coffee from Asia and roasts locally in Singapore. We work with green coffee companies who give back to the rural communities and work closely with the local people to produce specialty-grade coffee. We believe the pursuit for better tasting coffee at the cafes is made meaningful with such partnerships with our coffee producers.

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Us To Environment

Foreword Innovations looks into initiatives that promote sustainable consumption practices. Our commitment to sustainability is shown through CupCycle, a pilot program to reward customers as they participate in our cup-sharing community. We also collect our plastic wastes and work with other startups to upcycle them into useful products.

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Our Services

  • Engage


    Bring our mobile barista cart to your events and hear what we have to share about working in a social enterprise with differently-abled persons.

  • Experience


    Create a customized learning journey for your organisation or join our public coffee workshops with a variety of themes.

  • Embark


    Volunteer with us through our flagship Special Education (SPED) Schools Coffee Workshops held annually in July to August!

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