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Coffee Brew Bags - Pack of 15


Sometimes we just need coffee - immediately. Enjoy a cuppa within reach with our newest edition of coffee brew bags, where all you need to do is simply add hot water and steep for five minutes!

  • 15 individual biodegradable nitrogen-flushed sachets
  • Comes in 5 assorted flavours
  • Net weight: 15g (each sachet)


Yunnan Ou Yang

This coffee originates from Jiangcheng County of Pu’er City, Yunnan Province, Southwest China. The farm is owned by Mr Ou Yang, who himself believes in taking care of his people like his family and in turn, his people take care of the coffee well.

Xamtai Natural

This coffee is produced by 40-50 families from 2 villages in the Houaphan province in the remote northeastern region of Laos. Yuni Coffee Co is committed to make a difference to their local farming communities and villages through development of specialty coffee in Northern Laos

Diversity Blend

This three-region blend consists of coffee from China (Yunnan Dongka Washed), Laos (Xam Tai Natural) and Indonesia (Java Daya Sindoro Wet-hulled). As a social enterprise that empowers individuals with different abilities, this coffee blend symbolises the strength in diversity within Foreword and our hopes for a more inclusive society.

Java Pangalengan (Washed)

Pangalengan is located in Bangung Regency, West Java. This mixed-varietal coffee is a microlot processed by Sunda Kopi, headed by Agus and Insan Sani. Bright Java Coffee actively seeks out smallholder coffee farmers on remote indonesian islands and empower them to produce high quality coffee sustainably.

Mooleh Manay

This coffee originates from the Mooleh Manay estate in North Coorg of India, managed by Komal and Akshay who took over from a 4th generation coffee planter. The South India Coffee Company also contributes to their local communities through impact projects such as education funds for children in need.

Shelf Life & Storage

Coffees are packed in biodegradable sachets which are nitrogen-flushed to retain its freshness and flavours. Each brew bag is manufactured on 2 December 2022 and is best consumed before 2 December 2024.

5% for Community

Starting from January 2021, Foreword is pledging 5% of our sales revenue derived from our latest version of coffee brew bags (i.e. Java Malabar, Java Wanayasa, Pong's Washed, Laos NaOr, and Yunnan Aqi Badu) to community development projects in coffee growing regions in Asia.

Find out more about the 5% for Community Initiative under our FAQ page.

Eco-Friendly Options

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