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Skill Up! Enamel Pins


Skill Up! is a collection of pins which reflects the workings of our cafe.

The need for multitasking in the F&B industry can be daunting to an individual with special needs. In Foreword, every cafe crew takes on a role or work station that gives them the space and time to master a skill. Whether that skill is espresso making, customer service or food preparation, only after mastering a station will they move on to the next work station.

Just as how "Foreword" is an introduction to a book, recognising the can dos is but a start. That's why every enamel pin is packaged like a booklet - by reading beyond the first page, we start to uncover the real stories.

Deep dive into behind the scenes of Foreword! All pins are designed by Beth, our in-house Junior Marketing Assistant. 


Latte Art: 2.3cm x 2cm (W, H)

Coffee Brewing: 3cm x 2cm (W, H)

Hearty Rice Bowl: 2cm x 2cm (W, H)

Espresso Making: 0.9cm x 2cm (W, H)

You're a Star: 2.2cm x 2cm (W, H)