The Slow Down Postcard Pack


The Slow Down pack postcards are designed to help you take a breather from life and focus on the little things. Decked in pastel and soft tones, these artworks aim to show a different side to coffee; it is a beverage to connect over, a tool to show kindness and a drink that brings comfort.

Be it writing a postcard to someone you appreciate or having these prints framed up at your work desk, these postcards that double as prints serve both functions! 

Designed by the Foreword team. You can get the digital versions as your phone wallpapers here.


Comes with:

  • 5 postcards (1 design each)
  • packed in envelope and twine (see image)

Eco-Friendly Options

Reduced Packaging
As part of our reduced packaging initiative, you can request for reduced packaging by indicating “I don't need packaging". This will reduce the amount you're paying for as well!