Three Principles to Live by in 2021
As we move into 2021, we have identified the things which we will be doing more of, and the things we will be doing less of. One of the important things for our team is the importance of managing energy. We manage our energy by doing things that bring us value aligned with the company’s mission and goals. We manage our energy by reducing initiatives that distract us from achieving our goals. We manage energy because it is important for our overall well-being and mental wellness.

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We would joke about #nadiexpress for his speedy deliveries to our customers!

It mobilized all 8 full-timers for us to complete this 4000 bottles project, which spanned over 10 days

The second important thing for our team is to continue building the Circle of Safety. This concept was explored deeply in Simon Sinek’s book, Leaders Eat Last.

One week before Circuit Breaker, we were preparing the rebranding changes for the cafes.

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Celebrating birthdays is a thing for us, but gatherings of non-work nature are not allowed now. (Photo is taken before Circuit Breaker in March 2020)

Since we developed the training framework as part of the SG Enable’s training grant, we will continue to carry out skills check-in with all employees on a regular basis. This helps us maintain and ensure quality in our products and services across all outlets.

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With dedicated training time, we are able to practise the drills and allow our staff to try new things.

We make a promise that we will provide the first opportunities for promotion to our existing team of employees as long as they have the right attitude, abilities, and the availability to make the commitment. All of our employees have been with us for at least a year. Due to the economic impact of Covid-19, many of our employees are currently underemployed. Some of our employees are ready to make the move to take on more roles and duties in the company. It is our duty to first provide for those who have been committed, before we make new hires.

It’s not sufficient to just provide the opportunities. It is also important that we prepare our team for the opportunities when the time comes. Mentorships and trainings are therefore important. While we do not have formal leadership trainings within the company, we do regular check-in with employees we have identified to groom them into leaders.

Task management is one thing, people management is many levels up. Through practising mentorship within the company, we are also gearing up for succession planning. At this point in time, our company is still small and looking to grow and maintain our progress sustainably. Nadi and I know we want to build this company to last beyond any one’s time in the company and therefore it is important for us and our leaders to adopt this mindset to share what they know and to grow the next batch of leaders in our team.

Written by Foreword Coffee Roasters