Christmas Gifting — 10 gifts under $50

‘Tis the season of gifting! 

Trying to stay within budget while searching for something unique may not be the easiest feat. Fret not, we’ve specially curated a list of Christmas gift bundles that are both friendly for your wallet and warm the hearts of others.

1. Mocha Lover Box

Love chocolate, coffee, or both?

Enjoy the best of both worlds - coffee and chocolate, with the Mocha Lover Box. Consisting of Nespresso-compatible compostable coffee capsules in two flavours and Benns Ethicoa’s 100% natural drinking chocolate, this bundle is a great way to inject a choc full of warmth, especially after the brutality 2020 has brought.

Here’s a tip: Add in the drinking chocolate to your steamed milk, dial in the coffee on your Nespresso machine and mix well. There you have it - a delicious cup of hot mocha!

Price: $29
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2. Vegan Box

A vegan's take on an exotic Singapoliday

A bundle specially crafted for vegans, the Vegan Box is packed with plant-based goodies!

Level up your Singapoliday by taking your family and friends on a Southeast Asian culinary journey with Confetti’s award-winning plant snacks! Seasoned with exotic flavours ranging from Summer Truffle to Tandoori Curry, we bet you’ll give these crunchy delights a tan out of tan.

In the same bundle contains our coffee brew bags and Minor Figures Oat Milk. Something to drink and to munch on, what’s not to love?

Price: $19
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3. Couch Veggie Box

The all-in-one starter pack to take Netflix-ing to the next level.

Love to be a couch potato, snack and binge watching shows? Grab the Couch Veggie Box which contains all the snacks you need for Netflix-ing this holiday season! 

Crunch away with Confetti’s Asian-inspired gourmet snacks which are packed full of flavours and guilt-free. Top it off with our specialty coffee brew bags, get to try all 8 flavours exclusively in this bundle!

Price: $39
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4. Christmas Box

The embodiment of a warm Christmas.

Send warmth and joy to a special someone with the Christmas Box! 

Featuring Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules available in two varieties, be delighted with the robust flavours of chocolate and caramel in Java Malabar and the fruitiness of cherries and molasses in Yunnan Ou Yang.

Sip away Benns Ethicoa’s drinking chocolate in the award-winning HuskeeCup and enjoy a butter cookie lovingly baked by special needs students from Metta School for ultimate warmth and satisfaction.

Price: $49
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5. Pour Over Starter Kit

Because you deserve a good cup of coffee.

Give yourself a treat this brew-tiful Christmas morning by making a delicious cup of pour over coffee!

Enjoy aromatic brews from our freshly roasted coffee beans ethically sourced from Asia - Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and China. Don't worry if it's your first time brewing, we have included an easy brew guide!

Price: $39.90
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6. 12oz HuskeeCup with Lid

A cup that is both easy to hold and sustainable!

If your choice of gifting has been a sustainable and meaningful one, the eco-friendly HuskeeCup is the one for you.

Designed for on-the-go and home users, the HuskeeCup is an award-winning reusable cup which repurposes coffee husk, a by-product in coffee production. Its sturdy built makes it durable for the rigours of daily life, making it a companion that meets your needs in your hectic lifestyle.

Price: $22
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7. Cold Brew Bundle

Chilled refreshing cold brews at your command.

Is that special someone of yours a fan of cold brew coffee?

We got you covered with this gift bundle that comes with a Mizudashi cold brew coffee pot, as well as two packs of freshly roasted Asian specialty coffee beans! 

Pro-tip: Add coffee grounds into the filter basket, top up the pot with cold or room temperature water and refrigerate overnight. Wake up to a refreshing cup of cold brew the next day!

Price: $48
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8. Box of 16 Coffee Brew Bags

Easy coffee for a busy loved one.

For the busy friend or loved one who always needs a cuppa within reach, further boost their productivity with this box of specialty coffee brew bags! Simply add hot water and steep for five minutes and a cup of coffee is ready.

Featuring 3 Asian origins (China, Laos and Thailand) and a blend, these coffee brew bags are individually packed in biodegradable sachets. They are also nitrogen-flushed to retain its freshness & flavours. 

Price: $30.90
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9. Tote Bag Bundle

A gift bundle that tells our stories.

Christmas is all about warmth and cosiness. This is a special bundle packed with our stories - values that keep us going at Foreword, our favourite coffees from coffee farmers whom we've worked with and a drawing of the everyday scene at our first cafe.

Engage in a word search on our tote bag, pen a greeting note to someone you care about, have a cuppa with your loved ones, and the list goes on. 

Price: $29
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10. Specialty Coffee Capsules

Your best shot to start the day right.

Sometimes the best gift to someone is simple - a cup of coffee, especially a good one to start the day right. Savour the goodness of Asian specialty coffee in our new Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules. Available in 2 origins – Yunnan Ou Yang and Java Malabar in packs of 8. 

Price: $9 (Malabar) / $10 (Ou Yang)
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E-Gift cards

Still feeling undecided about your choice of gift?

Don’t worry, gift an E-gift card so they can shop to their heart's content on our online store! From coffees and snacks, to accessories and cups, they'll be spoilt for choices.

Available in $5, $10, $20 and $50 
View product here.

Stop fretting, start gifting, have a jolly Christmas!

Written by Foreword Coffee Roasters
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