10 Gift Bundle Ideas This Christmas

Round off this challenging year of the pandemic with Christmas, the best chance to spread the warmth and share the love. Whether you are gifting to a coffee lover or a friend who has a sweet tooth, here are 10 thoughtful gift bundle ideas without burning a hole in your pocket.


Under $10

1. Nespresso-Compatible Coffee Capsules

Know someone who always needs a cup of Nespresso coffee before that morning zoom meeting? Wake up to a shot of the award-winning Yunnan Ou Yang coffee in the form of coffee capsules! With cherry-like acidity and the sweetness of molasses, it is not a coffee for the faint-hearted, but there’s nothing a dash of milk can’t solve! Comes in a pack of 8, grab these capsules off the shelf at just $8 (U.P. $10)!

All capsules are Nespresso-compatible!


2. Specialty Coffee Brew Bags - Pack of 5

Say “instant”, and add the twist of “specialty coffee” to it. With our specialty coffee brew bags, all you need is hot water for a quick coffee fix. Nitrogen-flushed to retain freshness and flavour, travel around Asia through these coffees including Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and China! No VTL? No problem.

Coffee brew bags are just like tea bags, only the coffee version!


3. Chunky Cookies - Pack of 2

What’s Christmas without sweets? For just $5, each pack comes with 2 chunky cookies of 1 flavour each - Classic Chocolate Chip Walnut & Double Chocolate Chip Macadamia. Freshly baked in-house, cookies can be kept for up to 2 weeks. Oven and microwavable friendly, making it toasty again is simply a button away.

Top it off with a hand-drawn postcard ($3) and voila! An a-dough-rable Christmas just under $10!


Under $30

4. Sweet Treats Gift Bundle (Christmas Special)

If you have a bigger budget, splurge on the Christmas special bundle - Sweet Treats Gift Bundle. Besides chunky cookies, this box is also packed with a house-baked mini lemon loaf, chocolate bars, coffee and tea bags, all for just $24! Needless to say, it is one choc-full box of sweets bound to satisfy that friend with a sweet tooth.

If you’re gifting to someone who loves cookies as much as the Cookie Monster, add on a pack of our Christmas special cookies ($2). Alternatively, they are sold in packs of 10 at $19.

What a Sweet Treats Gift Bundle consists of.

Get into the festive mood with these Christmas special cookies!


5. Easy Coffee Brew Box

Have that friend that loves coffee but loves variety even more? The Easy Coffee Brew Box will draw out that variety seeker in them! Comes with 5 specialty coffee brew bags of different origins and 2 flavours of Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules, it is a gift bundle bursting with a myriad range of flavours waiting to excite your taste buds. Available at a promotional price of $25.20.

From coffee capsules to brew bags, the Easy Coffee Brew Box has it all.


6. Asian-sourced specialty coffee beans

On the other hand, we all have that colleague who hand brews coffee every morning in the office pantry. Gifting a bag of coffee beans is unlikely to go wrong. Choose from our range of Asian sourced coffee beans including origins like China, India, Laos and Indonesia!

Among them, Java Wanayasa is one of our customers’ top picks. A coffee with an overall sweetness of low acidity and bitterness, these Indonesian beans are suitable as an everyday coffee. Starting from $20 for a 250g, get yours off the shelf now!

Shop from an array of Asian specialty coffee beans.


Under $50

7. 12oz HuskeeCup bundle

Know a co-worker who always brings a handful of reusables for lunch? The 12oz HuskeeCup bundle makes bringing a reusable cup out, fuss-free! Brew the coffee brew bags in the HuskeeCup, a reusable cup made of coffee husk. Comes with a lid that dispenses just enough coffee for every sip, simply slip the cup into the Foreword pouch when you’re done! Simple, mess-free and environmentally friendly, all at $33!

A 12oz HuskeeCup bundle in natural shade.


8. Specialty Coffee Brew Bags - Pack of 15

Gifting for that loved one residing overseas can be a challenge. If they are coffee drinkers, consider getting our coffee brew bags in a pack of 15. Comes in 5 assorted flavours and individually flushed sachets, each box is packed and sealed in shipping ready packaging. Sturdy and sleek-looking, fret no more about sending a presentable-looking gift overseas!


Under $80

9. Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale

This one is for the serious home brewer. The Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale prides itself for its minimalistic and functional design that helps achieve control and consistency in every cup brewed. It is rechargeable with a USB-C port tucked away at a corner to prevent possible spillage while brewing. A thoughtful and no-frills gadget, available at $75.

The Timemore Black Mirror coffee scale also comes with a built-in timer.


10. Coffee Fanatic Coffee Bundle (Christmas Special)

We all have that friend who constantly shares their desire to pick up a new hobby but have never gotten around to it. (Actually, it’s me too. Guilty as charged.) The Christmas special coffee fanatic bundle is suitable for the about-to-be coffee hobbyist. Comes with a range of beginner-friendly coffee brewing equipment such as a V60 dripper,  glass server, grounded coffee beans and many more, it is an all-you-need starter pack to get that coffee brewing hobby started. Available at just $55.

The Coffee Fanatic Gift Bundle set.

Gift with love this season.

We hope this list has helped you get started whether you’re sending a gift to a secret santee or a group of friends and family. If you’re gifting for your business, check out our corporate deck for this Christmas season here. 

Regardless of what we’re giving, let us gift with love and share the warmth. Merry Christmas!

Written by Foreword Coffee Roasters